Fatigue Frames







By maintaining flexibility and customisation as the principal features across its range of universal testing machines (UTMs), we are confident they have has the ability to meet your needs, whatever your requirements.

  • This comprehensive range comprises simple digital breaking load machines through to sophisticated computer controlled and data acquisition systems, and includes both screw driven and hydraulic machines.
  • Our screw driven UTMs include single or twin screw loading frames, with single or dual test spaces. Standard capacities range from 10 kN to 300 kN.
  • Our hydraulic machines are from 10 kN to 2000 kN capacity as standard, with two and four column loading frames.

The full range of DMG universal machines, combined with modern Windows™ software, and an extensive range of gripping accessories, furnaces, environmental chambers and extensometry, provide a solution for all budgets and requirements.

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