Olympic Support:

  • PRIORITY RESPONSE                                                  

Our support contract ensures your call is given priority and will be actioned within 24 hours.


Non-Scheduled service labour at reduced rates.                                         

  • NO HIDDEN COSTS                                                   

Our support contracts include all scheduled service and travelling expenses. 

  • GUARANTEED PARTS & LABOUR                               

All parts & labour carry three month guarantee from the date of service and/or repair. 

  • AUTOMATED CALIBRATION DATES                            

No need to remind us when your next calibration is due - our service engineer will be there! 

  • 24 HOUR MESSAGE SERVICE                                    

Our round-the-clock message service ensures you can report your fault immediately.

  • UKAS CERTIFICATION                                     

UKAS certification (where appropriate) and calibration to the relevant Standards.

  • FREE TECHNICAL ADVISE                              

Specialist technical advise is available on all industry matters.

  • PROFESSIONAL SERVICE                                   

Engineers trained and experienced in servicing a wide range of testing machines.   



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